Netflow / cacti

flow1-settingsNet Flow & Cacti plugin

The packeage for the flow capture is called flow-tools — Normally the RPM is included
in the cacti plugin – The plugin is called Flowview

The deamon is flow-capture

"service flow-capture stop"

Config file is – /etc/sysconfig/flow-capture

nano /etc/sysconfig/flow-capture

 # Change the source IP and port to what is used on your network
 OPTIONS="-n 287 -N 0 -w /var/netflow/flows/completed -S 5 0/0/9996"

9996 is the port used for Netflow

Cisco config

 ip flow-export version 5
 ip flow-export destination 9996

The dir /var/netflow/flows/completed is where the netflows are stored


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