Linux Disk LVM Resize

Notes on Linux disk LVM


fdisk -l
 lvextend -L200G /dev/mapper/vg_share1-lv_home
 lvextend -L+200G /dev/mapper/vg_share1-lv_home
 lvextend -L+100G /dev/mapper/vg_share1-lv_home
 lvcreate -L+200G /dev/mapper/vg_share1-lv_home
 lvcreate -L 1500 -ntestlv testvg /dev/sdg1
 lvcreate -L 1500 -ntestlv /dev/mapper/vg_share1-lv_home /dev/sda1
 lvextend -L+200G /dev/mapper/vg_share1-lv_home
 vgs -o +vg_free_count,vg_extent_count

pvresize /dev/sda1
 pvresize /dev/sda2
 df -h

resize2fs /dev/mapper/vg_share1-lv_home
 df -h
 resize2fs /dev/mapper/vg_share1-lv_home












first off resize the disk on VMware
now you should see unallocated space when viewing in gparted or something similar

Now you need to create an ext4 partition on this unallocated space, if the you cannot do this on the live system
then reboot and use gparted live and do so

now the space is partitioned


# pvcreate /dev/sda3
Run this command to extend the physical volume:

# vgextend vg_centosjw /dev/sda3
Run this command to verify how many physical extents are available to the Volume Group:

# vgdisplay vg_centosjw | grep “Free”
Run the following command to extend the Logical Volume:

# lvextend -L+4.8G /dev/vg_centosjw/lv_root

Where # is the number of Free space in GB available as per the previous command
then run

resize2fs /dev/vg_centosjw/lv_root

df -h /


[root@networkmon ~]# lvextend -L+4.8G /dev/vg_centosjw/lv_root
Rounding up size to full physical extent 4.80 GiB
Extending logical volume lv_root to 17.34 GiB
Logical volume lv_root successfully resized
[root@networkmon ~]# resize2fs /dev/vg_centosjw/lv_root
resize2fs 1.41.12 (17-May-2010)
Filesystem at /dev/vg_centosjw/lv_root is mounted on /; on-line resizing required
old desc_blocks = 1, new_desc_blocks = 2
Performing an on-line resize of /dev/vg_centosjw/lv_root to 4545536 (4k) blocks.
The filesystem on /dev/vg_centosjw/lv_root is now 4545536 blocks long.

[root@networkmon ~]#

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